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transforming business through creative visual outlets
My name is Chris Kirkman and I am a UI, UX, Web, and Visual/Graphic Designer, Videographer, Creative Director, and a friend to many.
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my design process

Requirements, Research, and IA

Gathering proper requirements, performing proper research, and laying down a solid Information Architecture is an important first step before diving into the more visual aspects of the product design.

UX, UI, and Wireframing

The UX of the product is extremely important and Wireframing lays out the User Interface, based off of the Requirements, Research, and IA, with the best User Experience strategy in mind.

Visual Design

Building on the established layout, found in the Wireframes, the Visual Design layers on the overall look and feel, applying visually appealing UX that makes the product more desirable to use.

Front-end Development

With Web Standards in mind, the established design is brought to life with code, hopefully in a Responsive layout using HTML5 and CSS3, usable on any device with a browser.

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my startups/projects

I have have enjoyed having the privileged being a founding member and designer for various startups, over the years. Lately I have been focusing on mobile applications for smart phones and tablets. Learning to design for new technology has been a passion.

about chris kirkman

With over thirteen years experience, Chris brings a versatile design background in UI, UX, graphic, and web design, along with web development, creative direction, responsive design, mobile design, and videography. His designs bring simplicity, a strong attention to detail, with usability held of high importance.

He has lead and worked within many creative teams of large, publicly traded, and small startup sizes. He co-founded two startups, one of which published a well noted digital business card application, uME, for iOS devices. He is also the local chapter President of SandCHI, one of the two largest UX (User Experience) design groups in San Diego, and co-founded MultiValence Productions with his first film hitting global theaters in 2014

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